Are Dean & Caelynn Dating? These ‘Bachelor’ Alums Are Rumored To Be Together

Now that everyone’s arrived, Fionnuala Cree sings the “Bachelor Winter Anthem.” “We want to see this through” is the main lyric, which just feels very anti-climatic. I’m pretty sure they have a Bachelor bat signal that alerts them whenever Chris Harrison whispers “rose ceremony.” “No other couple really embodies what this is all about,” Harrison says. I suppose that’s true considering they’re one of like three successful couples from this franchise. Christian, however, doesn’t know who they are, which is a fun little moment the editors kept in. The source also said this couple has been allegedly seeing each other for longer than you may think. “Dean and Caelynn met up in LA and have been dating since last month,” the source claimed.

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Fans know they recently visited Italy and always enjoy beautiful places. The island looks awesome, but crabs are everywhere. Plus, a lot of rules come about what you can wear or take with you. Then, the Boom Boom Boom Room is in big demand more for the airconditioning than anything else. But each person was limited to what they could consume.

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They move to the fireside to talk about the kiss, which seems strange at first until I remember that producers are likely involved. Clare tells Benoit to wear his glasses more often, and I appreciate her looking out for us with this suggestion. He’s what I’d like to call poutine, a Canadian-but-French-sounding snack.

Actually, fans love the way they enjoy exploring the world and their own limits. Plus, they adopted Pappy the rescue dog, and that brought them a whole lot of love. Now, they discussed the various shows in the franchise.

When updating fans on their seemingly strong and happy romance during the show’s World Tells All reunion special in February, Dean got down on one knee and presented the blonde beauty with a key to his apartment. There are several former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars who we’d love to see on the Winter Games in February. Becca Tilley (Chris Soules’ season) recently dropped a major hint that she may join the cast during a conversation on the Almost Famous podcast.

At one point, they give a rose to some man named Michael. Did he just crawl out from under a faux fur blanket? He’s here to stay, I guess, because the final roses are handed out and Jamey, Eric, Zoe, Lauren, and Laura say their goodbyes. Once Harrison leaves, everyone starts sizing each other up and pairing off. Ally and Josiah start flirting and almost instantly start kissing.

While the reality TV personalities have yet to share their relationship publicly, their new romance isn’t going unnoticed on social media. Dean has also entertained relationships with both Kristina and Danielle on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, which caused drama over Dean’s Paradise love triangle. Then, Dean dated Lesley Murphy after his stint on Bachelor Winter Games. So, he’s got some experience juggling love in the spotlight and learning from past pitfalls. And Caelynn has made her crush on Dean known for a while, revealing to The Ellen Staff in a March online video series that she had DM’d Dean once upon a time. While Dean and Lesley were reluctant to share details on why they split, another Bachelor Nation star was happy to spill some tea.Sienne Flemming (who starred on the most-recent season ofThe Bachelor), left a comment on on the E!

He said that he always pictured the perfect love one in which another person wholly accepts and loves you — a situation he said he was in, which made the breakup so difficult. “Lesley and I decided to part ways and I don’t really want to talk too much about it to be perfectly honest with you guys. I want to respect her privacy,” he said. “I will say that the last four or five days have been incredibly challenging.” Plus, a source previously hinted to Us that, after having stirred up some controversy during his stint on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, Unglert had found his romantic “redemption” during the Winter Games.

Neither Unglert nor Murphy has uttered a public word yet either confirming or denying the news. That being said, the pair’s collective silence on the issue of their maybe-romance might not necessarily mean those rumors don’t hold any weight. Per the anonymous testimony of a source who spoke to E! News about the current state of Unglert and Murphy’s relationship, it seems like there’s a pretty good chance the rumored couple is just trying to lay low ahead of The Bachelor Winter Games’ upcoming Feb. 13 premiere.

They barely have time to celebrate their love before we cut to Ashley crying in a confessional. She recognizes this “pattern” of being friend-zoned, and I implore her to find a way to break out of that. She bravely hides her tears from Kevin and Bibiana, who are happily leaving in their best date sweaters.